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Download Thoptv Pro Apk free For Android. Thop Tv app allows to watch live TV channels, movies, series, radio, TV shows and much more.

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ThopTV Pro APK is a free app that allows its users to watch and stream free TV channels, movies, and tv shows worldwide. Moreover, it provides you with high-quality content that will not disappoint you in any way. The rapid growth and advancement of Information and Communication Technology made ThopTV Pro App accessible to watch favorite movies, entertainment channels, sops, Television shows, live sports, and live cricket matches from humankind gadgets.

With the advent of digital gadgets, humankind is being very lazy nowadays; they want everything on their Mobile Phones without any charges in one place with one click sitting on their beds or couches. Here, we are introducing ThopTV App For Android phones.

We started with seeking entertainment from bulky box-looking TVs to computers and eventually on to smartphones. With smartphones and the internet, it has become easier for us to catch up with all TV shows, movies, news, and even sports. ThopTV pro APK is one of the best options amongst the medium, which provides free entertainment to users who intend to get their favorite entertainment options from their PCs, Laptops, or Mobile Phones.

It will not be exaggerated if I say it is the best option for those who are looking for hassle-free entertainment, watch online their favorite Movies, favorite TV Shows, Live Cricket, live actions, Live IPL matches, Live cricket streaming, and many more options free of Cost with single clicks. Since we are not always home to watch TV while sitting at our tables, because life has gotten busy, and people with jobs and studies keep moving around.

Gone are the days when we had to sit in front of the TV waiting for our favorite show or the cricket match we didn’t want to miss! Moreover, apps like the ThopTV Pro Mod Apk have become even more convenient for us to walk around with a mini TV in our pockets.  What makes this app so unique and useful is that it has become popular with the general public. Let’s find that out further in this article.

ThopTV Pro APK Review:

ThopTV is the best platform that provides multiple options to its users. Such as if you are fond of IPL Matches, through it, you can have access to hundreds of IPL Live Streaming tv, live cricket online tv, and free live tv, or if you are passionate to watch live cricket while sitting in bed or couches from your gadgets at your home, you have to download it on your Mobile and enjoy live cricket matches or live cricket matches from Thoptv live app.

Suppose you have downloaded the Thop tv apk application on your gadget its means that you have chosen the best platform to have access to live cricket streaming, live cricket tv, and many other entertainment options. which let all the users watch free of cost sports, entertainment, movies, live cricket tv, and other television channels. It has a wide range of entertainment options for those people who are looking to download a live tv app for android or a live cricket online tv app once you have downloaded it on your device you will not regret it. 

It is an Indian-origin app. Many of its users are also from India, so it has an immense collection of Indian channels. It also has a fair number of international TV channels in different languages, especially English. Besides live TV, it also brings TV shows, drama serials, and movies for your non-stop entertainment.

What is ThopTV Pro APK?

ThopTV Pro is an app specifically for android; you can stream different live tv channels through it. You can watch live Tv on your phone. Moreover, it enables you to stream dramas, comedy shows, movies, cricket, and much more exciting content from various sources.

Premier leagues like IPL can be live-streamed from around the world. All of these and many more are just on your android device. The variety of options available on this app would certainly blow your mind.

Thop TV Pro App allows you to stream thousands of channels without costing you a single penny, yes, a single penny! A rare thing to hear nowadays, where every other useful site asks for a paid subscription. It is readily available on the internet for free download; drop the keywords on Google, and you’ll get hundreds of sites for its download.

It comes in the form of this fantastic app that runs on your mobile really smoothly. Besides its apk, its package file format can only be used by Android operating systems. So it’s literally a gift for all android users. 

Once downloaded, you can enjoy as many shows as you want whether you are looking for your favorite news outlet or the sports TV channel you love; the app is the WAY TO GO. As we talked about earlier, it comes in the form of an app. You can download it on your Android smartphone to enjoy free streaming of more than 1000 channels.

The app can only be downloaded on your smartphone, that’s Android, as long as it supports the app’s build. Moreover, it’s a free app that makes it stand out even more. It has a very user-friendly interface. Anyone with a little knowledge of smartphones can use this app without any difficulty. Yes, even your grandpa can search his favorite news channel on the ThopTV Pro Apk. Not only that, it has a variety of radio channels.

ThopTV App Features:

ThopTV App is offering a variety of features that make it prestigious among its users. Details of these features are as given below with description: –

  • 4000+ TV CHANNELS: you’d be surprised by the abundance of channels on the ThopTV Pro App. It has 4000+ tv channels to offer from all over the world. You can hardly stream 100 media channels on your TV at a time, but then it gives you a free hand to stream anything anytime and anywhere.
  • Newly released movies: Your favorite movie has just been released? No, you don’t have to run to the cinema to watch it. It brings you all the hot releases on your mobile screen. With this app, You are just an internet connection and a click away from the movie you anticipated the whole year.
  • Easy-to-use interface: What’s the use of an app if it’s not user-friendly? So it makes sure that you don’t have trouble streaming or using the app. It brings you a simple interface with a search button on the top. You can search the keywords there, and it opens up a variety of options for you. Besides that, it has a collection of genres like sports, movies, cartoons, cricket, and news from which you can select the channel that suits you the most.
  • Online web series: Nowadays, people are really into web series that are only available on the internet. The Application brings you all web series, so you don’t miss out on your favorite web series. Many ongoing and aired web series can be streamed on this single platform.
  • CHAT SUPPORT: It has instant chat support available. You can ask your question in chat support and get helpful answers without much delay. You can seek help from chat support if you want any issue to resolve you might face while using the app.
  • Premium web series: Another feature that makes the app a success, it provides you with the premium web series that you won’t get to watch unless you pay for them. You can watch all the popular premium web series for free and the cherry on top with HD quality. It has made it so much easier for us to stream anything anytime, possibly. But the list of features doesn’t end here; it has so much more to offer.
  • Free amazon prime originals: Amazon prime is paid a platform and sometimes creates its own content, which is original to it. These shows don’t get displayed in a cinema or TV but only on the website. If you are looking for a tv show that’s an amazon prime original, you can access it on this app. Not just originals but literally anything available on amazon prime can be accessed through Thoptv. This app is like a master key that gives you access to so many platforms without paying anything.
  • Free Netflix series: You can stream all the Netflix content on this application. All Netflix originals are readily available on this platform. You can watch Netflix originals like money heist, and stranger things. You can watch all Netflix originals and all other TV shows, documentaries, and movies available on Netflix in general. With this app, you will never miss your favorite entertainment show again.
  • No ads: Most of us can’t stand advertisements when watching our favorite shows on TV or on the phone. These ads pop up in between and disrupt our activities. But don’t worry, the app gives you the comfort of no ads; trust me on this one!
  • Live cricket channels: It is particularly loved by cricket enthusiasts who wish to watch matches live without buffering or slowing down. It brings you various channels covering sports events and cricket ones, particularly with the IPL in the corner. As a cricket fan, you must be looking for a way to stream the most significant event of cricket. You can easily stream IPL and ICC t20 world cup on this app in HD quality.
  • Free VIU web series: Stream all VIU web series on this platform for free in HD quality. The app has so much to offer; it only makes sense to download it onto your phone.
  • Free of costs: All these features apart, what makes it really special, is that it’s completely free. You can download it for free and use it for free—most aren’t this excellent and accessible for free at the same time.
  • Live TV: Watch live TV on your phone with the best quality possible only with this app. You can stream around 3000 live tv channels. Watch live sports or news channels anytime you want, just with your phone. Dish or cable networks don’t give you as many options as it does without even charging you a single penny.
  • Stunning quality videos: Most of us enjoy watching videos of good quality, and excellent quality makes our experience even better. You can stream anything with good possible quality. Most videos will be available in HD quality. You can choose to change the video quality from 320p to 760p to 1080p.
  • An extensive collection of movies and TV shows: Another feature is that it has abundant content, and you won’t ever get short of options. It has around 3000 plus movies and TV shows to offer. So, you can pick whatever you wish to watch, and you’ll never reach the end.
  • Subtitle and multi-language support: If you are looking for a show that’s not in your language, or it is difficult to understand, you can always bring the subtitle feature to use. Captions are available in a bundle of languages for you to select from.
  • Neat UI and navigation: It has an elegant user interface. You can easily find what you are looking for. The icons and the channels available are nicely enlisted on the main menu, which is the first thing you see when you open up the app.  Besides, it is straightforward to navigate and use.
  • Download and watch offline: It has another exciting feature that enables you to download your favorites and watch them later offline. So now you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection 24/7. Just download when connected to your Wi-Fi and enjoy non-stop entertainment while sitting free in your office or even camping far in the wilderness.
  • Wide Range of Sports Channels: Thop TV presents plenty of options for sports lovers for android and Windows for PC users. It enables its users to access the world’s best live tv, live streaming sports channels on which you can watch live matches of Soccer, IPL live cricket, hockey, tennis, baseball, and plenty of other live web-based tv channels or online streaming tv channels or sports channels. 
  • Variety of Multiple Channels: The Thop TV Pro app for Android and Windows can give its users free entry to a platform where they can find multiple options for entertainment. Users can select and watch their favorite daily soaps, action movies, comedies, and other options from a variety of lists.
  • Plenty of Options for Entertainment:The user through the ThopTV app has access to multiple categories of Movies, Dramas, cartoons, music, and many more with one click. 
  • Provision of Free Access: It is providing free of cost access to its user’s world-class entrainment channels, online live cricket tv, live sports channel, and the bulk of movies, dramas, and seasons. 
  • Adding Channel to Favorite List: This app can allow its users whether it’s Thop tv for Windows or an android app to prepare their Favorite List and add multiple channels in the list from where they can get access to these favorite channels. 
  • Android and Windows devices Support: ThopTv Pro APK is popular among its users due to its support for all android gadgets and the Windows operating system. This app is straightforward and compatible with IOS, Windows, and Android users. If you are using these operating systems on your gadgets, you can access the world of entertainment free of Cost with one click on a single platform. 
  • Compatible with Fire Stick: It is also compatible with Fire Stick which gives it convenient for Android users to install it on their devices and use it.
  • Adding Subtitle for free: Through Thop tv Pro, you may add subtitles to your favorite movies from any external sources free of Cost.
  • Best Customer Support 24/7 through Chat: If you are Thop TV user and get in trouble while using it, this app allows/enables its users to approach customer support at any time through chat features. It also provides live chat supports to its users for free.
  • User-Friendly Interface: ThopTV Pro has a simple and easy-to-understand interface, which makes this app prominent among other options for its user. All users irrespective of age group can quickly get access to the Thop TV platform and watch online movies, live cricket, live cricket streaming channels, TV shows, and many more on their gadgets. 
  • Diverse Range of Movies: It provides a diverse range of movies option for its user. If a person only like movies or has time only for movies can choose a diverse range of movies option with a single click sitting at home during leisure time. 
  • Notifications of Favorite Programs: If you have downloaded Thop TV App on your Mobile Phone, laptop, or PC, you will get a notification of your favorite genre program, drama, or movie once it’s updated or included in the list.
  • MX Player Supports: provides MX Player Support to its user While streaming HD Videos through this App on Android Devices, PCs, or Laptops. Thop tv provides the features mentioned above as well as many other features to its user for free of cost, and these options make the ThopTV app one of the best applications for Android as well as Windows users. If you want to get it now, you can download it from ThopTV download or get it from here by clicking a mentioned link.

Download Any Video From ThopTV Pro APK:

You have no restriction over downloading certain content; you can freely download and watch any video you like offline.  That’s a very empowering feature right there.

  • Diversification: The diverse content available on this application is just so unique. Every age group can find something of their interest and can never get bored! It has so many channels in different languages, like English and Hindi, with subtitles provided. So it makes it easier for so many of us to select from the diverse list of content.
  • Live TV channels: Well, live TV channels make Thoptv stand out. It has an extensive collection of Indian TV channels since most of its users are Indian. Besides that, it has a vast array of other live TV channels as well. So, you can stream a lot of live TV channels like JIO tv and others like it.
  • Thop TV Live Cricket: As I mentioned earlier, the app is actively used by cricket enthusiasts. You can stream cricket leagues whenever they are happening right here on this application. Moreover, thop tv live cricket brings you channels that live broadcast IPL; yes, the IPL and ICC t20 world cup is one of the most-watched cricket events ever. You can stream IPL very quickly with good quality and the minimum buffering possible. Besides IPL, you can stream any cricket event happening at any time.
  • Security: One thing that concerns us the most when using a third party is safety. It is entirely safe and secure with no malware at all. Besides, it provides virus-free configuration as well.
  • No limits: You can stream as much as you want; it doesn’t limit you to certain content or channels. If you ever find a specific channel not working in your region, you can watch it using VPN anytime. It’s better to use a VPN to stream all the tv channels without any interruption.
  • Drama serials: You can watch all kinds of drama serials you love by streaming the available drama or entertainment channels. Once you start using this app, you won’t miss your favorite TV shows or dramas.
  • Live news: Well, a lot of us love to catch up on current affairs, national or international. We are not always home to watch TV, but with this application, you can catch up and stay updated on all the hot news on your way to the office or school. And for that purpose, you can stream from the endless list of live news channels available literally anywhere. Some sites require you to pay for streaming movies, dramas, and live cricket matches. But when it comes to Thoptv, you can download and stream all of these things for free.


Hope you liked it and found the article helpful. We tried to cover as much as we could about the ThoptTv Pro APK guide. Besides, you can download the app from here since it is totally irresistible to download when you know it has specks of quality features to offer.

If you do not believe us, then Download ThopTV Pro APK and see it for yourself. Thank you for visiting our site, and all we hope is that you had fun reading the article and got answers to your question. If you have any issues regarding the app visit its faq page. Please give us your feedback if you feel something is missing; we will be looking forward to it.

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